About the Blog

Welcome to On The Backlist! Where we will be indulging in all the things we should have done a long time ago. We will be talking books, movies, tv shows, and who knows what else. The only caveat is that is can’t be from the current year.

So strap in, brush off the dust (sorry sinuses), and travel back in time with us.

About the Bloggers

Beth: 20-something with my head usually in a book or trapped in a Hulu rabbit hole. I like anything from true crime to the most wholesome romances. Other than reading, I love sports, potatoes, and dogs. Probably in that order.

Brittney: Nothing gives me a bigger rush than turning the page of a book or pressing “next episode” on Netflix. I’m an avid reader in YA, but I’ve recently been getting into adult fantasy and romance. When it comes to kdramas I’m all about swoon-worthy romances, humor, and angst. I love me some well written, complicated women. When I’m not exploring someone else’s fictional worlds I’m either creating my own or stuffing my face with chocolate.