Behind the Blog: Get to Know Us

We wanted to start this blog by answering some questions that will help you, the readers, get to know us more. What inspired this blog, what you’ll be seeing, and a glimpse into who we are behind the blog.


1. How did we meet?
Beth: We met on Tumblr! This was back in I want to say 2014/2015. We were mutuals and just started talking and became fast friends!

Brittney: Basically what Beth said, but I remember that she messaged me first! Out of the two of us she is the more talkative one, and I’m the more shy one. We balance each other out!

2. When/why did we first become bookworms?
Beth: I was pretty young when I first started reading, but I picked it up for good my sophomore year of high school. We read To Kill a Mockingbird and I fell in love with reading all over again. It was around that age that I found what genres I liked, what I didn’t like, and what I was intrigued by.

Brittney: I also got into reading at a young age. My parents dragged me to my older sibling’s sports games and even to their own events all throughout my childhood, and this was back before smart phones and tablets were a thing so the only thing I had to entertain me were books. They’ve been a source of comfort and entertainment for me ever since.

3. Why are we focusing on backlist books/media?
Beth: For me, there are a couple plus sides to a blog like this. I, personally, finally am making myself read books I’ve owned or wanted to read for years. That’s a big problem of mine. But also to watch TV shows or movies that have been out for a long time that I’ve never seen. But I think for the readers, they can also find something that they completely forgot about, but meant to read/watch it ages ago. Or it may bring up nostalgic feelings for them because they read/watched it when it first came out.

Brittney: The main reason why I started this blog was because I would scroll through my social media and see everyone talking about new releases, or upcoming releases, or ARCs and I felt overwhelmed. As someone who can only read like three books a month a constantly felt behind everyone. I felt like I was always reading books months or years after everyone else was obsessed with them. I wanted a place where I didn’t have to feel behind. That goes for kdramas as well. And also what Beth said—I want to talk about older books/tv shows that people may not know about or have forgotten they wanted to check out!

4. What draws us into books/medias?
Beth: The feeling of being in a different world for a little while. The excitement of learning something new. I just love having new experiences and reading books set in places I’ve never been or watching a TV show about a character nothing like me is exciting to me.

Brittney: I love how books and tv shows can take me outside of myself and my world. It’s even better when I can connect with a character in an emotional way. It makes me feel less alone. So honestly I’m more into character driven stories than plot driven stories.

5. What should people expect with this blog? / Why are we creating this blog?
Beth: I am more of a reader than a watcher. So from me, expect for book reviews/ramblings than movies or TV shows, though there will be some. I’m very passionate about books, whether it be good or bad feelings. So expect reviews that are messy and sound as if I’ve just ran into your room to shout at you about something. I wanted to do this blog because I love the concept of going back in time and discovering media I should have found a long time ago.

Brittney: I love love love to talk about the things I’m interested in, but I needed a place to do that. I want to be able to basically vomit all my thoughts on whatever I read or watched because otherwise I will explode. Within this last year I got over a huge reading slump and I also got more into kdramas, so my contribution to this blog  will be a mix of me obsessing over both of those things. We also expect to do a lot of random challenges geared towards getting through our TBRs and other fun things like that!

6. What is your favorite TV show? What is your favorite movie?
Beth: My favorite TV show is probably One Tree Hill. It’s one of those shows I can go back to and watch it again and again and never get bored. My favorite movie is Grease. Hands down. I don’t even know if it’s a nostalgic thing at this point or if I just really think it’s this amazing movie, but I’ve watched it over 300 times and will never get tired of watching it. In fact, I did a movie presentation in Individual Speech in high school about Grease. Pink Ladies jacket and all.

Brittney: My favorite western tv show is Parks and Recreation. That show got me through college. Anytime I was feeling shitty I would just turn on a random episode, and it would make me feel better. My favorite kdrama is Just Between Lovers. That drama hit me so hard and is so beautiful! As for a favorite movie, I don’t think I have one. I have been obsessed with Molly Ringwald’s movies though, and I also love Studio Ghibli movies too!

Once again we’d like welcome you to On The Backlist. We hope you have fun here. We know we will!

If you have any questions or any book/kdrama/tv show/movie recommendations for us please feel free to email us at