Kdrama Review: Let’s Eat 1


Let's Eat (2013) posterDrama: Let’s Eat
Episodes: 16
Aired: November 2013 – March 2014
Rating: ★★★
Let’s Eat depicts the daily life and romance of a single woman when a murder case occurs in her neighborhood. Lee Soo-Kyung is a 33-year-old single woman. She divorced when she was in her 20’s and now lives alone. She always wants to carry herself with dignity, but she loses self-control when she is near gourmet foods. Koo Dae-Young is a gourmet, especially talented with describing the taste of foods. He often lies when he opens his mouth, but he is usually considerate of others.

The Good

  • I loved how quirky the three main characters were. They were each weird and memorable in their own way, but it wasn’t too over the top.
  • Soo-Kyung especially was a great character. At first I wasn’t sure what to think of her but she ended up being really fun to watch. I loved how expressive she was and how she was never afraid to be herself.
  • The way their trio of friendship developed was really well done. Especially between Soo-Kyung and Dae-Young. It was cool watching them go from strangers who are kind of annoyed by each other to actual friends.
  • THE FOOD! Every single food that they ate looked so delicious and all the shots of them enjoying the food made me want to eat it even more. I totally ended up turning to google to see if there were any Korean restaurants near me.
  • The romantic relationship between Soo-Kyung and Dae-Young was developed really well and I love how it didn’t end up overwhelming the plot.

The Bad

  • Soo-Kyung is a divorcee and for someone of that status you think she’d be calm when it comes to relationships, but it was really weird to see her getting scared over being kissed by Dae-Young once they start dating. Maybe it’s because of korean culture in 2013 and they didn’t want to get too pg-13, or maybe it’s because the actor who plays Dae-Young is an idol, but either way it was weird.
  • The murder mystery part of the drama. It didn’t completely fit with the drama for me, and I found it odd how it affected the big plot points of the drama. Like it was honestly just on the back burner until it needed to jump in and force the characters to do something.

The Ugly

  • The second male lead. I hated him so much. He got his heart “broken” by Soo-Kyung so he decided to be a huge asshole to her while he continued to pine/obsess over her. And then later on when he finally acknowledged his feelings for her was overly pushy and completely ignored how obviously uncomfortable she was by his advances. Everything about him made me want to punch him in the face.

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