K-Actors I’d Love To See Fall in Love (On Screen)

If you haven’t realized before I am a huge sucker for romance, and I’m always looking for the next couple in a kdrama to obsess over. (That totally doesn’t sound sad…) Anyway, here is a short list of k-actors who I think would have amazing enough chemistry to make me swoon while they fall in love with each other on screen.

Jang Na Ra and Kim Jae Wook

JNRKJWI’ve only seen Jang Na Ra in two dramas–Fated to Love You and Go Back Couple–but I love how she can play a character who is cutesy and a little silly yet still has some spunk to her. I would love to see her playing some sort of roll like that opposite a sexy man who is perhaps a little pessimistic. And I think Kim Jae Wook could play that character amazingly. He’s sex on a stick already and he’s also good at playing a character who is brooding yet charming. I think those two could have some amazing chemistry!

Kim Ji Won and Yoon Shi Yoon

KJW 1YSHKim Ji Won is good at playing characters that don’t take anyone’s shit, and who get exasperated easily. Yoon Shi Yoon is the king of playing soft boys who are lightly seasoned with a case of dumbass. One of my favorite literary tropes is a badass girl with a soft boy, and I think watching these two play out that trope on tv would be the death of me. Just imagine Yoon Shi Yoon giving a dopey grin to Kim Ji Won who just rolls her eyes at him, but secretly she finds him super adorable. Ugh, I need this in my life.

Jun Ji Hyun and Gong Yoo

JJHGY 2I want these two to star in a rom com together. Maybe even like a fantasy rom com! They both have great comedic timing, and their acting is the right amount of funny, relatable, and charming. It would be fun to watch them stumble into shenanigans together and then try to find their way out of them all while slowly falling in love. They could also get into some good fights where what they’re fighting about is so ridiculous the viewers can’t help but laugh.

Jung So Min and Jung Hae In

JSMJHII absolutely love Jung Hae In in the last two dramas he was in (despite Pretty Noona getting very messy writing wise in the end, the acting was still amazing). He seems to love picking dramas that are a bit more understated acting wise and a bit more serious plot wise, and where the romance is more on the mature side. I’d love to see him in a romantic drama like that with Jung So Min because I can see her being able to vibe with that. I’d love to see them in a drama about two friends who as they grow older and help each other through things slowly start to fall in love with each other.

Kim Go Eun and Woo Do Hwan

KGEWDHI absolutely loved Woo Do Hwan’s character in The Great Seducer despite dropping the drama halfway through. I would love to see him play another character like that–sexy, a little full of himself, but searching for genuine connection. On the opposite side of the spectrum Kim Go Eun is good at playing down to Earth characters who are a bit more soft spoken and serious. It would be amazing to see them in a drama together where they are next door neighbors. Woo Do Hwan’s character finds her pretty yet naive and is a bit bored so he decides to flirt with her, which throws off Kim Go Eun’s character and makes her put up her guard. But slowly as they get to know each other he helps to loosen her up, and she helps to calm him down.


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